Our History

Helping Fullerton and Having Fun Since 1902
We are a a nonprofit philanthropic organization committed to serving the Fullerton community. Each year we support many Fullerton charity organizations

Mary Peardon

Looking Back & Moving Forward
The Woman’s Club of Fullerton is an organization full of pride and history. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been in operation since November of 1902. Our goals have always emphasized nurturing and supporting women and their causes. From helping to establish home teaching programs for children with long term illnesses to providing funds for a bus field trip to Sacramento for students with disabilities, the Woman’s Club of Fullerton is always focusing on how to push our community to its highest potential.
The Women’s Club of Fullerton is excited about our rebirth that took place in 2007. Under the direction of Emily Yost and the membership, the Club has created a multitude of ways today’s woman can get involved and create lasting friendships, while being an integral part of moving our community forward. The Club offers women of all ages opportunities to exchange ideas and form lifelong friendships. The Club promotes learning and opportunities to challenge our thinking. We work for the welfare of children and senior citizens, create networking opportunities and a place to fellowship with other women in the Fullerton and North Orange County area. We will continue to stay at the forefront of the struggle for inclusion of women in all areas of life.
Below is the picture in the Fullerton Tribune Article “STRENGTH IN NUMBERS” Written Jan of 2014 by Lou Ponsi, photo: by H.Lorren Au Jr., Read Complete Article Here

History of WCOF