2020 -2021

President – Mary Torres
1st VP Dean of Chairs – Debbie Adams
2nd VP Program Chair – Linda Holman
3rd VP Membership – Wendy Miller
Treasurer & Financial Secretary – Ellen Aubel
Executive Secretary- Norma Ames
Parliamentarian – Millie Culpepper
Ways & Means – Carla Jones


Ambassador Chair – Norma Ames
Ambassador Co-Chair – Beth von Galambos
Amenities Chair- Michael Manchester
Amenities Co-Chair – Rachel Hamidi
Animal Chair –  Michael Manchester
Animal Co-Chair- Open
Arts Chair – Carla Jones
Arts Co-Chair – Camillia Sornstein
Conservation Chair –  Linda Holman
Conservation Co-Chair – Open
Domestic Violence Chair – Bert Reitz
Domestic Violence Co-Chair -Dianne Wallace
Education Chair – Camillia Sornstein
Education Co-Chair – Open
Focus On Health Chair – Beverly Thomson
Focus On Health Co-Chair – Michael Manchester
Helping Hands Chair – Shanthi Ramesh
Helping Hands Co-Chair – Wendy Miller
Historian Chair–  Farrah Eftekhari
International Chair – Shanthi Ramesh
International Co-Chair – Farrah Efekhari


Legislation & Public Policy Chair – Wendy Miller
Legislation & Public Policy Co-Chair – Open
Newsletter Editor Chair – Joanie Reiss
Newsletter Editor Co-Chair – Debbie Adams
Public Relations Chair – Carla Jones
Public Relations Co-Chair – Wendy Miller
Send Out Card Chair – Rachel Hamidi
Send Out Card Co-Chair – Open
Social Chair – Carla Jones
Social Co-Chair – Dianne Wallace
Social Media Chair – Beverly Thomson
Social Media Co-Chair – Debbie Adams
T-Shirt Chair – Rachel Hamidi
Webmaster Chair – Beverly Thomson
Webmaster Co-Chair – Open
Yearbook Editor Chair – Claudia Miller
Yearbook Editor  1st Co-Chair – Norma Ames
Yearbook Editor  2nd Co-Chair – Joanie Reiss
Yearbook Editor  3rd Co-Chair – Millie Culpepper



The Chairs and Co-chairs are to attend all General Monthly Meetings, and Board Monthly Meetings.  If you cannot attend one of the Meetings, report out to the President Mary Torres (714-287-7602) or 1st Vice President/Dean of Chairs Debbie Adams (714-925-3430).
Please be sure they have adequate information for your reports.

Note:  When a Chair or Co-Chair is not actively engaged in her position she will be asked to step down.

We have several Chair positions that still need to be filled.
For more information on becoming a Chair/Co-chair you can reach us at info@WCOF.club