President – Mary Torres
1st VP Dean of Chairs – Debbie Adams
2nd VP Program Chair – Lisa Dodson
3rd VP Membership – Wendy Miller
Treasurer & Financial Secretary – Kris Hanna
Executive Secretary- Norma Ames
Parliamentarian – Emily Nava
Ways & Means – Carla Jones
President Emeritus – Joanie Reiss


Ambassador Chair – Susan Dvorak
Ambassador Co-Chair – Open
Amenities Chair- Carla Jones
Amenities Co-Chair – Open
Animal Chair –  Michael Manchester
Animal Co-Chair- Heather Lovejoy
Arts Chair – Heather Lovejoy
Arts Co-Chair – Michael Manchester
Conservation Chair –  Linda Holman
Conservation Co-Chair – Open
Domestic Violence Chair – Dianne Wallace
Domestic Violence Co-Chair – Open
Education Chair – Michael Manchester
Education Co-Chair – Open
Focus On Health Chair – Beverly Thomson
Focus On Health Co-Chair – Open
Helping Hands Chair – Shanthi Ramesh
Helping Hands Co-Chair – Open
Historian – Farrah Eftekhari


International Chair/Civic Engagement – Shanthi Ramesh
International Co-Chair – Open
Legislation & Public Policy Chair – Mary Torres
Legislation & Public Policy Co-Chair – Millie Mikulski-Culpepper
Newsletter Editor Chair – Joanie Reiss
Newsletter Editor Co-Chair – Open
Public Relations Chair – Carla Jones
Public Relations Co-Chair – Wendy Miller
Send Out Card Chair – Joanie Reiss
Send Out Card Co-Chair – Open
Social Chair – Millie Mikulski-Culpepper
Social Co-Chair – Dianne Wallace
Social Media Chair – Beverly Thomson
Social Media Co-Chair – Debbie Adams
T-Shirt Chair – Rachel Hamidi
Webmaster Chair – Beverly Thomson
Webmaster Co-Chair – Open
Yearbook Editor Chair – Claudia Miller
Yearbook Editor Co-Chair – Norma Ames



The Chairs and Co-chairs are asked to attend all Monthly General Meetings and Monthly Board Meetings.  If you cannot attend one of the Meetings, report out to the President Mary Torres (714-287-7602) or 1st Vice President/Dean of Chairs Debbie Adams (714-925-3430). Please be sure they have adequate information for your reports.

Here is a link to PDF documents that describe the responsibilities of each Board and Chair position 

We have several Co-Chair positions that still need to be filled.
For more information on becoming a Chair/Co-chair you can reach us at info@WCOF.club

Note:  When a Chair or Co-Chair is not actively engaged in her position she will be kindly asked to step down.